A few common questions we’ve been asked about:

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: In our bottled water there may be a small amount of naturally occurring fluoride. No fluoride is added to any of our natural spring water unless it's super obviously stated on the product label as "With added fluoride".
Really? A step-by-step? First: remove the tamper evident blue overcap by pulling the blue tab. Second: Puncture a hole in the bottle itself, near the back of the handle where it says "pierce here", allowing air into the bottle. Third: With the brown spigot at the bottom, press up on it to allow the water to flow. The bottle is designed to lie with the spigot side down for easy use with the punctured hole at the top - the bottle needs to be in this position, otherwise the bottle will leak from the puncture hole, and that just sounds messy.
This means ozone was added at the time of bottling. Ozone is an effective disinfectant against bacteria that doesn't leave behind any residual taste, like with chlorine. Our scientists tell us that ozone (O3) is made by taking oxygen (O2) and adding electricity which changes the O2 into O3. The ozone is unstable and quickly decomposes to normal oxygen within 24 hours. We've taken their word for it, and so should you; they're really smart.
The PET bottles made by Ice River are very special (but don't tell them that) as they are made from RPET material. Since we are recycling old plastic, which comes in many different colors, into new food safe plastic, some minor colour variation may be visible.
No, it's not gross; no, it won't make you sick. Extreme temperature changes will cause the natural minerals found in our spring water to solidify, and appear as whitish/beige sediment when frozen, or as hard water scale when boiled. These solidified minerals are completely safe as they are only the natural minerals found in the spring water - which is probably the reason you chose spring water in the first place.
Bottled water should be stored in a clean, dry location, and not in direct sunlight or close to heat sources. We do not recommend freezing water in the bottles; even though freezing does not damage the water, the plastic bottle will expand and may split and leak once thawed. But don't just store it, drink it! It's good for you!
We don't recommend reusing the bottles. Our environmentally-friendly water bottles are designed to be used only once and should be recycled after the water is consumed. That way we can keep making our 100% recycled content bottles.
Look for Ice River Water. Bottled. Responsibly. at the following retailers across Canada and the United States: Costco, Walmart, Wegman's, Longo's, Sobeys, National Grocers, Dollar Tree, Menard's, London Drugs, Commisso's Fresh Foods, Federated Co-op, Giant Tiger Stores, Highland Farms, Home Depot Canada, Nature's Emporium, Vince's Market, Crystal Springs of Alabama, Laurel Valley, Farm to Bottle LLC
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